So this is kind of the correct academic description of Contango Theory The theory that the futures price, on a future delivery date, is going to be higher than what  So if you hear a commodities trader say that a market is in contango, they're normally just referring to the fact that you have an upward sloping futures curve. So  Male voiceover: If a commodities trader would tell you that a market is in Contango, they're just referring to the idea that it is cheaper today. So if we're talking 

Zions Bank provides a wide range of traditional banking and innovative technology services to individuals and business clients located in Utah and Idaho. Contango is a mission-driven recruiting and career advancement platform focused on sourcing and placing highly-skilled diverse Candidates and Executives in top Canadian and international firms, diversifying their talent pool and strengthening their talent pipeline. Although the crude oil market structure did not provide the same level of opportunity to earn contango profits in the first half of 2010 as compared to 2009, we are pleased with the growth we have experienced in our ratable businesses, said Michael J. NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING OF STOCKHOLDERS NOVEMBER 13, 2019 Contango ORE in the News Company Strategy and Focus. Contango ORE, Inc. (CORE) has a strategy of exploring for gold, copper, silver, and other valuable minerals in Alaska, and advancing our discoveries to the point that our properties become attractive to a larger integrated mining company for acquisition or joint venture. Contango and backwardation are two concepts related to futures contracts that need to be understood in VIX trading Contango and backwardation are two concepts related to futures contracts that need to be understood in VIX trading because VIX ETFs buy or sell some combination of futures contracts. contango Latest Breaking News, Pictures, Videos, and Special Reports from The Economic Times. contango Blogs, Comments and Archive News on

con·tan·go (kən-tăng′gō) n. A state in which the price of a futures contract is higher than the eventual or expected spot price of the underlying commodity or security. [Probably alteration of 19th-century stock-exchange jargon continuation, the carrying over of an account until the next designated date of settlement.] contango (kənˈtæŋɡəʊ

To successfully trade volatility one needs to have a thorough understanding of the concepts of Contango and Backwardation. In the first article of this series I went over the basics of both CONTANGO OIL AND GAS COMPANY PROVIDES AN OPERATIONAL UPDATE. Contango Oil & Gas Company (NYSE American: MCF) ("Contango" or the "Company"), as a result of the decline in commodity prices contango meaning: a situation in which the price of a commodity (= a product such as oil or a metal that is traded in…. Learn more. contango: A condition in which distant delivery prices for futures exceed spot prices, often due to the costs of storing and insuring the underlying commodity. opposite of backwardation. contango: 1. Commodities: Common market situation where the prices get progressively higher in the future delivery months, reflecting carrying costs and creating negative spreads. Opposite of backwardation. What does contango mean? contango is defined by the lexicographers at Oxford Dictionaries as The normal situation in which the spot or cash price of a commodity is lower than the forward price. Contango descends from incredible horses on both sides of his pedigree, with numerous Olympic and World Championship medal-winning producers. His sire, Contender, won the 1987 Adelheidsdorf stallion performance test with a jumping index of 146.62.

这个有点类似于short vol. short variance swap can be profitable in long term but short term spike can be deadly. option market has an interesting fact that people tend to pay more to get protected due to the imbalance of supply and demand.

Alexandra Drexelius is an archivist and bookshop assistant at the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts.She received a B.A. in Art History from the University of Chicago. Her research interests include the intersection between art and politics in the post-war period and the use of taxonomy alongside the formation of art history as an academic discipline. Contango Oil & Gas Company is estimated to report earnings on 03/16/2020. The upcoming earnings date is derived from an algorithm based on a company's historical reporting dates. Contango is a commodities expression that means the future is higher than the present. That's what we strive for: constant improvement. We want our employees, our clients, our vendors, our friends and family to stay "in Contango".

Contango and normal backwardation refer to the pattern of prices over time, specifically if the price of the contract is rising or falling.

Contango describes an upward sloping curve where the prices for future delivery are higher than the spot price (e.g., the price of gold delivered in 1 year is $1,400/   a situation in which the price of a commodity (= a product such as oil or a metal that is traded in large quantities) is higher if the buyer is to receive the commodity   16 Aug 2017 Contango is when you're the loser in this exchange. It is when your near-dated Pig Futures Contract sells for $50, and your further-dated Pig  This is Contango. We are an oil storage company aiming to renew, develop and increase efficiencies within the oil storage market. Our tools consist of 

Implications for the markets. The pivot to backwardation is notable for market participants for three key reasons: First, the move to backwardation from contango 

Plotting the actual 2012 November and December VIX futures values during a period of contango vs the Cboe's VIX ®, we see that both contracts decline in value over time, eventually converging with the "spot" VIX price at their expiration. With both sets of contracts held by the long volatility funds generally declining it's not surprising the overall value drops. contango - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. All Free.

Overview. Contango Asset Management Limited (ASX:CGA) is a financial services company with a marketing and distribution platform that partners with, and promotes, high quality fund managers to the self-directed and Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) channels of the $2 trillion superannuation industry (source: ASFA). If a futures curve moves towards contango it is a good sign that current underlying conditions in a commodity market, either via lower demand or higher supply, or a combination of both are improving. In the event that a futures curve is in contan Commodity ETFs: A guide to contango and backwardation There are a number of different ways that ETFs provide commodity exposure to investors. contango definition: nounA state in which the price of a futures contract is higher than the eventual or expected spot price of the underlying commodity or security.Origin of contango Probably alteration of 19th-century stock-exchange jargon continuat